Planning a Beautiful Bridal Shower


Planning a wedding can be one of the most fun – and let’s be honest, sometimes the most stressful – time in a future bride’s life! Once the question is popped and the engagement is announced, it’s time to start planning! At Xochitl Flowers and Gifts we meet brides, grooms, their future spouses and their bridal party in El Paso, TX all the time that are ready to start planning their bridal flowers.

A new trend we’re noticing in wedding planning is bridal shower flowers. We love making out hand-crafted flower arrangements for bridal showers because this is a fun opportunity for the bride and her bridal party to be creative without having to stick to the wedding theme or color palette. There are so many choices when it comes to picking a theme for bridal shower decorations and flowers, so we picked a few of our favorites to help you get inspired.

Garden Parties are a traditional and beautiful bridal shower theme and they’re growing in popularity lately for a reason. These simple and classy parties can be hosted in any garden or backyard and only need to be dressed up with some simple decorations and florals. For design inspiration for your garden party bridal shower, look no further than our Garden Bouquet. This hand-tied flower arrangement will remind everyone of a country garden or an English meadow. Filled with bright roses, daisies and asters, this flower arrangement inspires a color palette filled with bright, natural hues.

Wedding White is the perfect bridal shower theme for any bride - it’s classy, elegant and downright beautiful. The best think about a Wedding White bridal shower theme is that it’s pretty easy to put together! The color palette for this celebration’s decorations is very simple: white, white and more white! Ask your guests to come wearing all white in support of the bride then decorate the venue with all-white décor. The perfect floral arrangement for this type of bridal shower is all white like the Classic All White Arrangement flower arrangement. Filled with white roses, white lilies and white snapdragons, this all-white flower arrangement is the perfect touch for a wedding white themed bridal shower.

Feeling inspired? We know how exciting this time is for everyone involved and at Xochitl Flowers and Gifts we can’t wait to help you start planning. Our floral design experts will learn everything we can about you and your wedding plans and help you pick out the perfect bridal shower decorations and bridal flowers. Take a look at some of our pre-made ideas online or stop in our flower shop in El Paso, TX to choose fully customized flower arrangements for your big days!

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